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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD

Spiritual psychotherapist

"Consultant of the month" August 2013 Award granted by AVS (Annuaire Voyance Symphony) (in French)

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Spiritual psychotherapist in Paris


"Θάνατος, μαύρος αδερφός. Θάνατος, θα γίνω αθάνατος"

Granted "Consultant of the month" Award by AVS (Annuaire Voyance Symphony), August 2013

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Former contributor to the web magazines MCV (Ma Chaîne Voyance) and RTV Voyance (French language)

Contributor to the Numerologia magazine (French language)

I have possessed this gift (which I prefer to call a talent) since I was very young. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family who, despite not fully understanding my nascent ability, never thwarted its growth. Ancient Greece is where my soul found its beginnings, hence my tribute to it through my professional name (Athina O Dias).

I began my career in a conventional profession; it was only when I was 22 or 23 years old that a medium foretold my future in that field, and that I would turn professional around the age of 40. Before 35 I rejected this notion. I laughed at the very idea of ​​being able to guide people with my talent.

In 2009, my mother was suffering with a long-term illness, and life was quickly catching up with me as well. Her illness led me to reassess both my interest in my work and the priorities in my life. As she gradually neared the other side, I opened my mind more and more to these new spiritual perspectives. Shortly before her passing, I had made my decision to become a medium. This was accelerated by the departure, sudden though expected, of my father, after a five-month battle with cancer in 2012.

I do not practise the occult, and advise you to be wary of people offering such services, especially those who work against free will.

My skills encompass the following:

I am a specialist in the Soul Contract (life path) and the soul’s life journey. Within this framework I offer :


One consultation about this subject (starting from 50 € ) to visit the site click here,


Theory courses (starting from 25 € ) to visit the site click here.

Dialogue with your spirit guide by a specialised spirit medium (not your guardian angel)

I am a spiritualist medium who specialises in communication with my client's spiritual guides, often wrongly labelled as 'guardian angels'. It is widely held that a guardian angel refers to a human who has recently passed and linked to you somehow ; often a family member (human chronology) . This sentimental attachment, with all the love it entails, makes your guardian angel a protector. In contrast, your spiritual guide, or rather your spiritual guides-you have more than one-play a different role.

The spiritual guide already follows you before birth. It will accompany you your whole life and welcome you after your physical passing from the world. It is a more experienced soul than the guardian angel, who chooses to specialise in the guidance of other psyches. Some parapsychologists will switch the definitions, reflecting the disagreement surrounding these terms. On the other hand, the term ‘Light Beings’ is understood universally without such discrepancies. Your spiritual guide, who accompanies you by no mere chance, will always suit you perfectly in its main duty: to help you to grow spiritually. Being there to help you in your spiritual evolution, as a mentor, it does not necessarily aim to protect you if you encounter some kind of unpleasant earthly experience (unemployment, divorce, etc).

For more information about your spiritual guide (different to a guardian angel), or Light Being, you can visit the ‘Spiritual Guide’ section of my site.

Spirit medium?

In the frame of this discourse, ‘medium’ specifically means a person, whether professional (as in my case) or not, who is able to communicate with entities from the other side of the veil, whether through sensations, sight, sound, automatic writing or other means. ... The word ‘spiritualist’, for the purpose of this site, does not refer to the doctrine initiated by Hippolyte Rivail, but rather to the possibility of contacting the dead.

Please feel free to consult the ‘News’ section to confirm that I am not on holiday (yes, I take vacations to spend time with my family!) or attending special events.

Regressive hypnosis / spiritual hypnosis

Regressive hypnosis (RH) and Life Before Reincarnation hypnosis (LBR) will lead you towards one or more lives from your past, where the latter will transport your mind to a world located temporarily between two incarnations. I practice so-called spiritual hypnosis in Paris. I was not trained over a week or a month, but rather during a whole year (on top of another year of preparation) at Staffordshire University (for more information see ‘Who Am I?’)

N.B.: During a consultation, whether in person or over the phone, you must be able to fully understand English or French (my native tongue). You need to be able to understand the nuances in vocabulary during conversations concerning the invisible world. If you do not know what the word ‘guide’ means, or are unaware of the concept of ‘past lives’ in the words of Dos Passos, I would either advise against a consultation with me, or for you to come with an interpreter (at your own expense).