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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD

Studies in past and future lives

If you wish to deepen your understanding of this subject, in which I specialize, I propose a training session over Skype or at my office (located in the 5th arrondissement, Paris). Each session lasts about 55 minutes and is divided into two parts: theory, making up 60%-90% of the session (this being the main objective of the training), followed by a practical part concerning you, someone close to you, a person from history, or a celebrity. I am inspired chiefly by my personal experience as a spirit medium specialized in the soul contract, by my work as a regressive hypnotherapist, as well as by certain writings published by Anglo-Saxon authors referring to this subject, such as Michael Newton, Robert Schwartz, Brian Weiss, Andy TOMLINSON, Ian Lawton, and Lorraine Flaherty.

This concept comprises your past and future lives as well as the in-between (your mind without its physical body). The subjects to be studied may be covered in one session (only generalities given the timeframe), OVER SEVERAL SESSIONS, or different subjects may be grouped together into one session of 55 minutes (max. Three subjects). Below is a non-exhaustive list of the subjects I propose :

The soul’s preparation for physical death

The coming of close ones (family, friends)

The soul’s departure

“Vampire” spirits, other attachments and related phobias

physical recovery

Life review

Soul families

So called soul sisters

Spiritual guides and experienced guides

The day-to-day activity of psyches

Possible career paths

The council of Elders and the Hypercouncil

The Source / The First Principle

What happens to atheists and those who commit suicide

The life of the 'villainous': murderers, terrorists

Preparing for a new life

Preparing for new challenges that may arise

Choosing a body, a place, a period in time and a family

Final preparations and marks of recognition

The phenomenon of reincarnation in general, as seen by the general public and specialists

Reincarnation and the main religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism)

What we understand by the word 'reincarnation' (and its synonyms: palingenesis, metempsychosis..) in the context of esotericism?

Payment by credit card possible through Paypal (additional fees apply), check or cash.

Over Skype: credit card (additional fees apply) or check before the session.

At my practice: check or cash.

All sessions must be booked in advance.

Prices :

Option A : One trial lesson lasting 55 minutes - 45 € (47 € by credit card)

Option B : 3 trial lesson - 3 times 55 minutes - 100 € (104 € by credit card)

Option C : 7 sessions of 55 minutes each - 200 € (208 € by credit card)

Option D : 10 sessions of 55 minutes each - 250 € (260 € by credit card)

To pay for your session, click "acheter".

- In case you decide on option D, after the tryout lesson of 55 minutes (Option A), 20 euros will be deducted from the 250 euros, giving a total of 250-20 = 230 euros (+10 euros of Paypal fees). To benefit from this offer, Option D has to be purchased within the 30 days following the trial lesson.

- In case you decide on option D, after the 3 tryout lessons of 55 minutes each (Option B), 25 euros will be deducted from the 250 euros, giving a total of 250-25 = 225 euros (+10 euros of paypal fees). To benefit from this offer, option D has to be purchased within the next 30 days following the last trial lesson.

Note : the main objectives are learning and knowledge. Of course, this only reflects my point of view, which is shared by the immense majority of regressive hypnotherapists and spirit mediums. You are not obliged in any case to adhere to my beliefs and I do not preach in favour of any church.