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Αthina Odiαs PhD

Prenatal Planning / Programming

Before being reincarnated, each individual chooses their ‘life programme’, what they wish to learn, the obstacles that they wish to overcome. Not everything is fixed, far from it. The main stages that mark out our lives are not set in stone.

I believe in free will. You, and you alone, are the master of your own destiny.

A man chooses his current mother to be possessive in order to better know true freedom. On the other hand, parents may not set up constraints so that the child may blossom without the usual limitations given to a child.

This part on prenatal planning/programming is coupled with your current life path, as these are two sides of the same coin.

Life path

In the quest for spiritual progression, we ‘plan’ certain learning processes from the cradle to the grave. The life path illuminates your obstacles and your immediate aims, i.e. the next one(s) to overcome. Your perspectives and aims differ depending on whether you are a 20-year-old student or a 59-year-old executive.

when it comes to your life path, I may possibly achieve clairvoyance. Please know that this occurs seldom, and that I will only bring up its content if it bears influence on your current endeavour.

Spiritual Guides

…Or light beings, guardian angels; these one or several entities assigned to your spiritual evolution and protection. Most people cannot see, feel, or hear them. However, this statement does not mean for a instant that they are not at your side to help you.

I am able to talk to them and transfer their messages to you.

Soul contract

The soul contract IS NOT a voyance consultation! I will not concentrate on telling your possible future. I can talk to you about it but it will remain a secondary matter.

The soul contract IS NOT a psychiatric consultation BUT it may nonetheless seem like you are conducting psychotherapeutic work on yourself at a spiritual level.

In the soul contract YOU ARE NOT PASSIVE. I will give you some clues to work with ; it is up to you to take them or not. But keep in mind that you are paying me only to show you a POSSIBLE path, not for me to take it for you.

The soul contract is not your weekly appointment with the psychologist. although I do have a masters degree in psychology, I do not provide that type of service. You come to see me ONCE, and with the work I will invite you to do, you will not have to come back anytime within 3 to 10 years on average, if you ever do decide to come back again.

In the soul contract, I can contact your spiritual guides and pass on their messages to you. This is the case for 99% of the readings I give. The soul contract can be compared to a curtailed karmic psychotherapy course, meaning only one session, in which I will give you the tools to realize the work you must personally accomplish.

Personal investment

I like to compare my soul contract services—my speciality—to a set of instructions for assembling a piece of furniture. You have bought the kit, intuitively you know what it will look like once its finished, but you have not been able to put the pieces together.I will not give you any miraculous revelation. I will simply try to help you work it out by suggesting you use a certain nail with certain hammer and knock it in at a certain place. You have understood that the piece of furniture is your spiritual work to be accomplished in this world. I am the assembly guide and you will listen and do the work! :)

You haven’t been reincarnated in this world for no reason…

To clarify regarding the life path:

Therer are two possible options : the complete consultation (often between 3-5 subjects will be dealt with) or “the essentials” in 20-30 minutes.

As its name indicates, if you go for “the essentials”, I will ONLY focus on ONE unique message that will be delivered to you. It could be from one or many different past lives, part of your prenatal programming, part of your life path, part of your soul contract and/or an exchange with your spiritual guides.

- Consultation over Skype (not possible over the phone) : Payment either by credit card (N.B. Paypal fees apply) or by check BEFORE the consultation and AFTER the legal retraction period has passed.

- Consultation at my practice (Paris V) : Payment by check or cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

All sessions must be booked in advance.

These three areas (prenatal planning/programming, life path, and guides) must be seen together, as they ostensibly correspond to one another.

The session lasts 60-90 minutes, and proper connection can only be made face-to-face.At a distance (over Skype), any connection is seriously limited, and the same session will only last between 45-60 minutes. Moreover, seeing as this type of consultation is very exhausting, I do at most two per day. Ideally one should have no more than one consultation of this kind every 5-10 years. This varies according to the individual, their thoughts, and of course their stage of life.

An receipt will be given to you at the end of the consultation (or sent by post). I suggest that you bring a dictaphone to record the session. If you want me to get the recording to you on a USB stick, please add 10 euros (stick, processing, delivery…) to the rate indicated. This option is not available if the consultation takes place over Skype.

Rates :

Option A (The essentials) : 50 euros (55 euros by credit card)

Option B (Complete consultation) : 150 euros (160 euros by credit card)

To pay your session, click "acheter"

N.B.: During a consultation, whether in person or over Skype, you must be able to fully understand English or French (my native tongue). You need to be able to understand the nuances in vocabulary during conversations concerning the invisible world. If you do not know what the word ‘guide’ means, or are unaware of the concept of ‘past lives’ in the words of Dos Passos, I would either advise against a consultation with me, or for you to come with an interpreter (at your own expense).