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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD


Hypnosis remains shrouded in mystery, particularly the specialities known as Regressive Hypnosis (RH) and Life Before Reincarnation (LBR). RH will take you to your previous lives, whereas LBR will transport your psyche to a world that temporally exists between lives, allowing you to review your choices from before birth, to communicate with your spirit guide, etc. A projection of a future incarnation is theoretically possible, but I reserve the right to refuse trying this depending on the technical difficulties of the case.

I am a graduate of the University of Staffordshire in England, having studied in the Faculty of Health Sciences on a one-year course, in contrast with the pseudo-traineeships that only last a couple of days, a week, or a month at most. What is more, my training is recognized by the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH), which trains doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other health professionals. It authorises work that is approved by the National Health Service in Britain. Having been trained in this discipline by the university, I then went on to specialize myself in the two domains given above (RH and LBR).

I advise you to consult my three introductory texts: the first concerns common preconceptions concerning hypnosis in general, the second responds to the most frequently asked questions in this area, and the third examines the phenomenon of reincarnation. You can download these texts for free via the ‘Press’ tab above.

N.B.: You must not attend a RH or LBR séance ‘just for fun’. There are consequences to making this decision, and unpleasant memories may come flooding back to you. I will explain this to you during our first meeting.

First of all, unlike most people in my profession, I always conduct the session in two halves. Why? – Because the first session, which lasts between one and two hours, leads me to a questionnaire about you. This will help me get a better idea of your expectations and draw up a brief list of people dear to you (in order for me to recognize them during hypnosis)… You probably know what you want to find out (or not find out), but I do not! I also need to discourage you from going further if I deem you unprepared. What is more, it is imperative that I ask you about your phobias and any emotional blocks you may have, otherwise I could not be considered a true professional. Picture your fear of open spaces if I ask you to ‘imagine a rainbow that will lead you into the sky towards clouds glowing in the sun’… No sooner will a therapist influence you in your reliving your memories than I can be expected to be the answer to everything. I am and will remain the tool - and only the tool - for accessing what you wish for; under no circumstances will I set out the path for you. For one, this is not my role. Furthermore, it is your karmic problem that needs to be resolved, not mine.

In order to get the most out of a séance with me, you must try to remain focused, calm, and relaxed. Avoid having any preconceived ideas and do not raise your expectations too high. Keep your mind open and forget your prejudices. This will allow you to have the purest experience during the séance.

I will conduct hypnosis exercises with you in order to test how you react. There are no right or wrong reactions; I just want to find out how you respond to a stimulus that I will have prepared for you.

Above are the reasons why the first part of the double session is necessary. At the end of the consultation, the payment will be settled and a date will be agreed for the second session.

Then, during the second meeting, a briefing of up to 90 minutes will take place in order to ‘condition’ you. The séance itself lasts between one hour and two and a half hours, the average duration being around 75 minutes. A debriefing will conclude our second meeting.

N.B.: Although I am a qualified hypnotherapist, I am neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, and all I do is help people along in the healing process, as is the case in any branch of non-medical psychotherapy. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must you abandon a course of medical treatment or stop seeing your doctor. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, an invoice will be signed stating clearly that my services may by no means be considered a medical examination.

Consultation fees:

In the Paris area, a single session of around 3 hours costs an average of 300€. My price for the full assessment of between 4-6 hours (split between two sessions) is 350€. Payment can be made in cash or by cheque. If you wish to pay me in two instalments, the process is as follows: at the end of the first session you pay me the whole sum (350€), but you divide it in half (175€ + 175€). You can give me 175€ in cash and 175€ by cheque (the latter will be cashed at the end of the following month).

An invoice is given to you on request at the end of the first session. The whole sum of 350€ is due even if you refuse to go through with the second part of the consultation. Keep in mind that these are not two séances, but one séance that I divide into two in order to better prepare the patient. Also bear in mind that the hourly rate is lower than the average rate for a clairvoyance sitting in Paris (100€) and that it includes both ‘Life Path’ (150€), ‘Past Lives’ (100€), and much more, since you have the opportunity to feel what I habitually feel as a spirit medium when communicating with light beings or the deceased. An audio recording of the session itself can be transferred onto a USB stick, which is to be provided by the client.