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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD


Nobody can know everything. Like everyone who is qualified in coaching, I specialise in certain areas that relate to my main ‘job’. The approach of this type of service complements the other types of consultations that I have detailed in the previous sections.

While the life Path consultation will bring to light the necessity to better master your spending, coaching will enlighten you in practical terms about the steps you need to take to stop resembling the prodigal son.

The fields covered are: dealing with bereavement, professional guidance (discluding assessment of competence) towards a more suitable job (and according to your career path thus far), schedule management, control of finances on a budget, self-assertiveness, balance of professional/personal life, and spiritual coaching.

You come with a problem to be solved (definition), then we agree on what you wish to change (the direction to take in the exercises), and I give you the means to achieve this change (your mission). Do not forget that it is you who makes the greatest effort!

Nothing can change if the desire is not really there.

The consultations take between 30-40 minutes if they are weekly, or 90 minutes if every 15 days. Methods used: audio recording, coming at the problem from a different angle, music, and relaxation.

The number of sessions needed may be low (less than 7), average (7 to 12), or longer (no more than 24, or a little under 6 months). Beyond this length of time, the problem is most likely be in the realm of a psychologist/psychiatrist, which is not my area of expertise. The number of sessions is agreed upon between us, and a contract is signed for the longer periods. Due to time constraints, any session cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand must be paid for in full (except in cases of absolute necessity), and any lateness will shorten the session.

Rates : 30mn, 80 euros or 1h, 160 euros

The first session is always free (evaluation of the need for coaching) and can last between 30-60 minutes, or even 90 minutes in some rare cases.

N.B. : From the second session onwards (if there are three or more), the payment is made in advance. Therefore, at the start of the second meeting, remember that you will have to pay for both that session and the next session. At the following consultation, you will settle the payment for the fourth (if there is going to be a fourth), etc.

An invoice will be given to you on request at the end of each meeting or after an number of sessions that is agreed on in advance.

N.B.: During a consultation, whether in person or over skype, you must be able to fully understand English or French (my native tongue). You need to be able to understand the nuances in vocabulary during conversations concerning the invisible world. If you do not know what the word ‘guide’ means, or are unaware of the concept of ‘past lives’ in the words of Dos Passos, I would either advise against a consultation with me, or for you to come with an interpreter (at your own expense).