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Αthina Odiαs PhD

Spiritual Guide / Spiritual Guides

Who (for)? What? How? Where? etc…

Yes, you are chosen by at least one light-being, a spiritual guide, whose job it is to ensure your spiritual growth and improvement. This prerogative, that you may have thought special to you alone, does not in reality make you an ‘Εκλεκτός’ (Eklektós – chosen one), at least no more than it does your fellow man. Did you foresee yourself as a chosen one, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Great Spirit Masters? If so, come back down to Earth; our very existence on Earth implies that we are still in our karmic youth. As for the very rare few who have reached spiritual adulthood, they will hardly feel the need to consult my prose. Quite to the contrary, there is no privilege, for we all have a main one, with several other privileges being secondary to this. Generally, this privilege does not change in any way up until your physical ‘death’. Moreover, this privilege is not your companion; whereas your guardian angel is. The latter is always (or at least in most cases) a close friend or family member who has recently passed away and is watching over you, with nothing but your wellbeing in mind. Quite unlike a mentor, the spiritual guide will make you falter on purpose in order to for you to learn from your mistakes.

Haughty computer engineer and project manager, did you scorn those in less well-paid positions than yourself? If you lose your job in a decade or so, you will rethink your discourteous attitude towards those who do not have a top degree. Is this thought still not enough to change your point of view? Let’s say you go broke and have to resort to state benefits; you will think more kindly of ‘the leeches of society who live out of the taxpayer’s pocket’. Has your soul really developed thanks to your ‘privilege’? A useful analogy is that of soul tests that you must pass to get to the next stage. Refuse them, and you are heading for a (future) existence with the very same challenges that you have already had to face. I am leaving out the base principals here; there are textbooks dedicated to this topic. A spiritual guide or more likely spiritual guides do not pass judgement; they love unconditionally (yes, even a torturer at Tuol Sleng extermination camp, who actively participated in the Cambodian genocide). A spiritual guide or guides wish(es) for your evolution, being forever present and infinitely patient, etc. To the connoisseurs amongst you; see my references below.

I nevertheless stress the role of these guides in the spirit world: Not only do they accompany you to the Council of Elders; they also assist you in taking stock of your previous existence and advise you in preparing for your future.

Who are the spiritual guides and where do they come from? Just like us, they are souls who have existed on Earth (yes, please leave behind the idea of so-called angels of God who have never taken flesh). They are the ones most capable of understanding what you have experienced/are experiencing. Now, with their reincarnation cycle at a close, they yearn to support those less experienced than they are: us. Like their spiritual love, the ways in which they can intervene are infinite.

How do we communicate with spiritual guides? Even if you are not a medium, you can still ‘converse’ with them.

You will by no means have a philosophical discussion (I am no exception; my spiritual guide, Ζευς, remains very quiet), but you will nonetheless understand the messages you receive. The best way to receive these communications is still through Regressive Hypnosis, although this does involve you consulting a neutral, and above all competent, professional (not someone with a week- or month-long course under their belt; I myself have undergone two years of training at the University of Staffordshire). Otherwise, you can engage in self-hypnosis at your own risk. On a far less ‘dangerous’ level, you may communicate with your spiritual guide during meditation, dreams (the non-psychoanalytic meaning), and by using your own intuition.

Even if you are unable to contact them, have trust in them, it is for your own good after all!

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