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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD


All living things are diamagnetic. Magnetism itself dates back to the beginning of time, ever since mankind realized that suffering could be reduced when hands could be drawn together like magnets to reduce the source of pain. It re establishes harmony, transmits vitality and balances our body, soul and spirit. In the West, Franz-Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) rediscovered magnetism in the 18th century. It is simply the transmission/correction of energy from one person to another, even when these people are separated by distance. It remains a natural and simple process of healing. By balancing the thermodynamic circulation through the channels and physical impositions, the soothsayer revives the nervous system, which then quickly leads to the cooling down and relaxing of our body and spirit. As a result, those who are revitalized find themselves in much better positions to fight off illnesses.

Is magnetic healing a placebo treatment? It works on plants, animals and children. Whether it’s a newborn, a friend or even a pet, magnetism is able to ease us to the point where we are only aware of what our conscience allows us to understand.

Magnestism is not in any way an alternative to traditional forms of medical treatment. Not under any circumstances should you completely stop your current treatment to solely undertake magnetic healing. Magnet therapy goes hand-in-hand with traditional medical treatment and does not replace it.

If you suffer pain, consult your doctor.

I am happy to harmonize your energies, and as already stated, under no condition should you substitute your course of treatment for magnetic healing, or stop consulting the medical professional in your field of treatment. Your doctor is always your first point of contact.

For practical and tie-related reasons, I only practise consultations in my office for a duration of approximately half an hour. Although I am capable of practising long-distance consultations, current time restraints mean that I am only able to do face-to-face consultations. I kindly ask you to respect this.

Full session 80 euros