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H Αθηνά ο Δίας

Αthina Odiαs PhD


I believe in reincarnation, i.e. in the existence of several lives in progression. In terms of reincarnation, I will focus solely on those past lives that are most pertinent to you right now. I can concentrate on one that comes into view, or skate over it; it is up to you. The aim of this is to simply be able to answer your questions about a period of the past, or indeed not to if that is what you would prefer. I will simply describe these past times, without touching on any lessons that may pertain to prenatal planning and/or life path.

N.B: The fact that you cannot observe yourself as a Roman soldier does not mean that you did not have an incarnation at that time or in that line of work. Maybe you did, maybe you did not. It simply shows that the past existence in question bears no current influence as it is not amongst the first to come to light.

You have your own free will. If you wish to give a previous life importance (by admitting its existence), that is up to you and you alone.

The session lasts about 45 minutes and is focused entirely on your past lives. It can take place over the Skype, although I advise against this. I do not wish to do more than two sessions annually for one consultant.

An invoice will be given to you at the end of the consultation (or sent by post).

I suggest that you bring a dictaphone to record the session. If you want me to get the recording to you on a USB stick, please add 10 euros (stick, processing, delivery…) to the rate indicated. This option is not available if the consultation takes place over Skype.

Rate: 100 euros (140 euros credit card)

To pay your session, click "acheter".

N.B.: During a consultation, whether in person or over Skype, you must be able to fully understand English or French (my native tongue). You need to be able to understand the nuances in vocabulary during conversations concerning the invisible world. If you do not know what the word ‘guide’ means, or are unaware of the concept of ‘past lives’ in the words of Dos Passos, I would either advise against a consultation with me, or for you to come with an interpreter (at your own expense).